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10no online UPS dilivered to Sri ram finance

500 no home UPS executed at once shot

Industrial UPS delivered 50 no in one day



We at are highly knowledgeable people who can give you proper solution for any kind of query regarding power products and problems. Feel free to contact us any time.

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We at “Mayuka” have got a separate and trained service team who are assigned to do the job of preventive maintenance by periodically checking all the UPS systems supplied by us


As we all know UPS & batteries require periodic Check-up to ensure proper functioning during power failures. During warranty Period, if you face any problem in the ups system or if you require a preventive maintenance check-up, you will get it from our company by registering a service call


We help you in Upgrading in techonology in future in fulfilling the needs and wants of the consumers

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Sine wave UPS

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